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8.6" Curved Big Dildo King-sized Butt Plug Anal Toy

Product ID: LV111010

8.6" Curved Big Dildo King-sized Butt Plug Anal Toy

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8.6 inches King-sized Butt Plug built to give a lifetime of pleasure without compromise for quality.

Comes with a curve design on the tip, enjoy comfortable and slippery insertion to massage your prostate. Innovative One-piece design for more durable fun.100% Odorless and safe to the body.

Extra Sensational length and girth for filling vaginal and anal stimulation. Strong Suction cup base for hands-free play. Latex-feel phthalate free PVC material for a realistic experience.

Satisfy yourself with every vein, curve and bulge of this exact giant replica that looks and feels like your fantasies come to life.

  • Innovative One-piece design for more durable fun.
  • Extra Sensational length and girth for filling stimulation.
  • Real-feel phthalate free PVC material for a realistic experience.
  • Strong Suction cup base for hands-free play.
  • Size:8.6’’ length X 2.6’’ width.
  • Weight:845 grams.Weight may vary slight since of handmade work.
  • Use Plenty of water-based lube for the best and most slippery experience.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
John m.f. Doe
Definitely not for beginners

This is a really well made toy, the texture is great and it has good flexibility. I wish it was a bit softer because it's just a tad bit too rigid for my preference. All in all it's a great quality dildo, but if you aren't able to fit something the diameter of a water bottle inside of you then this might be too big for you because this is significantly larger than a water bottle. Unless your trying to work up to the next size like I am, then by all means buy it.

Huge! Amazing texture and stiffness!

While this toy definitely took some warming up to, once you work up to it, it will absolutely blow you away!! The slight curve hits the right spot you need it to and the veins and texture of the toy stimulate and will leave you shaking and give you an amazingly intense oragsm. It is the perfect length and every bit of it feels amazing once you work it in. I would suggest using a little bit of numbing lube to get it in and then go to town! Highly recommend!

Juan C. Garcia
Great quality!!!!

Even though I have not had a change to try it I have a feeling it will feel great. I have had many toys inside me but nothing this thick. Definetly not for beginners. The quality seems nice and its quite flexible. We shall see how it stretches me once I give it a try.

Takes time

Working with this has been fun but its a steep climb

I kept saying no, until I was tears...

Made me feel like a 10yo boyscout again.

Perfect length

Amazing time, my only dislike is how physically hard it is, a little softer would be perfect, but otherwise it is amazing.

Perfect training tool

This is great for any true anal freak who has graduated from the Large classic butt plug.


The suction cup does a pretty good job holding this heavy dildo. You're going to need lots of lube guys. Its just soft enough, all in all a good buy.


Suction cup base holds really well to any smooth surface- toilet seat, bathtub, shower wall, tile floor. No problems with using lube with the toy used a lot of lube, may have better luck with lube using a condom.

Good product

This toy is awesome. Not for the faint of heart or a beginner.