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All our Sex Toy Materials are 100% safe?

All our Sex Toy Materials are 100% safe?

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As you know, Most dangerous materials are made from a mixture of ingredients and it's impossible to know what they are made without an expensive lab test.

For this reason, it's safer to just stick to safe materials rather than take risks on cheap materials you find in shady shops.  There are some poisonous chemicals that sex toys may contain.

1. Phthalates

You've probably heard of phthalates before. many studies prove that they are dangerous and cause birth defects and death in rodents. They were banned in children's toys in the EU in 1998 and banned in 2018 in the USA. 

2. Latex- comes from trees and was the first type of rubber people used.  It occasionally makes an appearance in sex toys, especially inflatable dildos.  Oil from your body breaks down these toys over time and they won't last long.  There is also the risk of having a life-threatening allergic reaction.  Latex is another material that is mixed in to make toys extra soft.  It is the oldest type of rubber and was used until 1943 when synthetic rubbers were discovered.  Latex can cause allergies which makes it one of the most deadly materials manufacturers use.


Sex Toy Testing

The Flame Test

A common material in jelly toys is highly flammable benzene.  By taking a flame to your dildo you can check that it is silicone and not jelly.

The Lick Test

This is a technique that Matis Black mentions in several of her interviews.  You lick the toy and then if your tongue goes numb you know that it is dangerous.  It's not my favorite test just because licking it is kind of gross in my opinion.  As an alternative to this I just smell it and if it smells chemical I know it has phthalates - this takes more experience though.

Polariscope Test

You can use a Polariscope to check if your toy is properly annealed.  A cheap polariscope is about $30 on Amazon and is used by jewelers and geologists.

It will reveal the flow of the glass and show you how it cooled.  If the toy shows rainbow colors it is weaker than a clear toy.

Lead Test

You can get a simple lead testing kit that will show you if a toy contains lead.  Lead can appear in glass toys with a varnish coating on them.

Sex Toy Regulations

There are still very few regulations on sex toys.  The government is hesitant to fund any studies and there are many loopholes that shady companies use to get by with making cheap toys.


The FDA is responsible for approving medical devices.  Since sex toys are considered novelties they don't have to approve them before they hit the market.  So there is nothing stopping dildos filled with materials that are not approved for things like spoons and children's toys.


The consumer protection service commission does oversee sex toys.  However, they do not test them before they are released to the public.

It's only when they receive consumer reports of dangerous toys that they will investigate and do recalls on novelty items.  But most people are too embarrassed or blame themselves when a toy causes burns.

The Novelty Label

While sex toys should be classified as medical devices, most are not.  Instead, they are considered novelties.

A novelty means that it is intended to be for visual and aesthetic purposes.  By selling toys as novelties stores can get away with selling dildos made of cheap and dangerous materials.

Our Toys are NOT Toxic

Instead of offering various toys, we focus on the best-valued and the safest toys which are phthalate-free and latex-free only.

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