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How to Make Sex Toys More Effective

How to Make Sex Toys More Effective

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With great anticipation, you order a small toy and rush home to try it as soon as it arrives. However, you don’t feel the expected joy, and it’s even a bit challenging to use. Filled with frustration, you want to leave a negative review like “It’s simply not effective!”

But wait, ladies! Sex toys can be effective, but they don’t always work perfectly every time.

  1. Why aren’t sex toys effective all the time?

It’s not because of the toys themselves; it’s due to other factors like timing, location, your physical condition, and even the environment’s scent, which can affect your experience.

Imagine you only have a rushed 10 minutes before you need to leave, and you’re anxious to finish quickly. In such a scenario, you might not be able to fully focus on the experience.

Sex is a profound art that encompasses emotional and physical experiences. A good mood and environment can enhance the pleasure it brings.

  1. Sex is even more complex for women.

Modern life is filled with rapid changes and stress, leading some to turn to self-pleasure as a means of escape. However, hasty self-pleasure without considering the environment and mood can lead to unexpected issues.

No matter the stress in your life, it’s essential to address it with a calm mind rather than relying on sexual activity as a distraction. Set aside what can’t be resolved for the moment and reflect on yourself.

You can start by taking a relaxing hot bath, allowing the warm mist to envelop you. If you have a bathtub, even better—submerge yourself in the water and let your worries dissolve slowly.

During this time, you can meditate on yourself lying on a warm ocean surface, bathed in brilliant sunlight, letting all your troubles float away in the vast blue sky. Relax. After 20 minutes, you’ll feel rejuvenated and joyful, realizing that despite life’s pressures, there is beauty to be found.

First, relax your body and elevate your mood, then proceed to engage in activities that bring physical pleasure.

  1. Aroma can significantly impact your mood.

After emerging from your fragrant bath into your bedroom, the aroma fills the air, creating a deeply romantic atmosphere.

Aromatherapy candles are an excellent choice. Turn off the main lights and watch as the candlelight flickers, exuding warmth and allure, making you naturally inclined to engage without the need for additional foreplay. The mood will set itself.

I recommend scents like lavender, gardenia, chamomile, marigold, sage, mint, and other natural plant fragrances, known for their relaxation and fatigue-relief effects.

However, be cautious, as overly intense scents can worsen your mood, especially synthetic fragrances.

Pajamas are crucial too. Choose a set you love, preferably made of silk or pure cotton for ultimate comfort.

  1. Maybe a dress would be more convenient?

Many believe that self-pleasure doesn’t require dressing nicely since no one is there to appreciate it. But you haven’t experienced self-appreciation yet!

Next time, try admiring yourself in the mirror during the beautiful moments.

The environment should be cozy, making you feel at ease. The best choice is your bedroom, where you can let go and fall asleep peacefully.

Dim the lights, spray a subtle perfume, enveloping the room in a soft light fog and fragrance. You can select a few uniquely designed artistic table lamps, placing them in quiet corners of your home to set the mood, or you can opt for the aforementioned aromatherapy candles.

Under the gentle, hazy glow, pour yourself a glass of wine. Romance isn’t just for partners; your connection with yourself and your body deserves it too. A slightly tipsy state is more conducive to opening up and fully “feeling.”

In addition to satisfying your sense of smell and sight, there’s still sound. Gentle, flowing music can help you concentrate on the environment.

When played consistently over time, it becomes a conditioned signal in the realm of sensuality. Whenever you hear it, it brings back memories and sensations of pleasure.

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