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We provide a range of premium anal toys, such as anal vibrators,anal plugs and anal dildo to enhance your pleasure and stimulation.  

At Lovetoy,  you will definitely find a anal toy that meets your needs.

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Shop Your Fine Anal toy Online
We will offer you a wide range of Anal toy at our store. High quality, fast shipping and numerous new products.
Unmatched Quality
We offer the best anal toys, high quality, non-toxic, safe and durable
Diversity in Design
Our design is diverse and inclusive, whether you are looking for a new feeling, or a special excitement, we have the right product for you
Designed for Pleasure
Every anal toy is designed to stimulate the sweet zones; the prostate, and the G-spot tabs, thus making the experience mind blowing
What is an anal plug and how is it used?

An anal plug, also known as a butt plug, is a sex toy designed to be inserted into the rectum for sexual pleasure. They are often tapered at the tip and widen out, with a flared base to prevent complete insertion. To use an anal plug, apply ample lubricant, ensure relaxation, and insert it slowly to experience a feeling of fullness or pleasure from anal stimulation.

How can anal toys enhance sexual pleasure?

Anal toys can stimulate the nerve-rich areas of the anus and rectum, potentially leading to heightened sensations and orgasms. Additionally, for individuals with a prostate (commonly referred to as the 'P-spot'), anal toys can directly stimulate this area, which can be incredibly pleasurable.

Can one use anal toys safely?

It goes without saying, if done correctly. Adult toys being toys that are meant to be put into the body are made from body safe materials and without sharp edges and angles that may cause deep penetration.

What is the proper way of cleaning anal toys?

Regarding the process of desalination and cleaning on the membranes and all material can be cleaned mostly with the help of soap and water. Some toys are dish washing safe or can be boiled for thorough cleaning and removing of bacteria.

Can I apply silicone lubricant on my silicone toys?

When it comes to lubricant and silicon toys, it’s advised that one should use water-soluble forms of the same to avoid damaging value of the toys.

What if I’m new to anal play?

Begin with a small portion and go at a gradual pace. For beginners, it is recommended to start with a small size of plug or beads, and use sufficient amount of lube.

Explore the Depths of Pleasure: Introducing Our New Private’s Selection of Anal Toys

Our commodity range is a colorful representation of personnel diversity.

Anal Plugs

Specially crafted for those beginners who want to start with the anal journey, behind them our anal plugs have been created for the comfort and pleasure of every client.

Variety of Sizes: Again, from small capacities for novices to larger capacities for the professional ones.

Material Choices: Such as body safe silicone, glass, and metal for the different sensation.

Special Features: Such as vibrating plugs, those that are jeweled or furry at the base for the sake of sight.

Anal Beads

Originally created for the purpose of increasing the solidity of an erection, anal beads have rather extraordinary feel.

Graduated Beads: This approach ensures it is possible to insert it in phases gradually and it is not stressful to the patient.

Flexible Spine: Protects you when sitting, standing, moving or stretching in any direction.

Pull Ring/Handle: During climax moments the cloak can be easily and safely removed for improvement of sensations.

Anal Dildos

As they come designed with an irregular shape to address the main pleasure areas, the anal dildos are often favored for being a versatile tool which is also rather intense.

Ergonomic Designs: Concentration of the stimulation on the prostate or G-spot.

Material Flexibility: From firm glass to flexible silicone, The aquascapes were initially made of a firm glass to make them easy to clean.

Variety in Sizes: For the first time visitors and for those more experienced in visiting strip clubs.

Anal Vibrators

For the dynamic type of sensations we offer our anal vibrators that cannot be compared with the ones from any other manufacturer.

Multiple Vibration Modes: Enabling a preferential degree of relaxation from mere vibrations to throbbing.

Remote Control: For added convenience when using the sex machine alone, or if two people are using it.

Waterproof Designs: With the additional features of being easy to clean and designed for being used in water activities.

Advantages of Choosing Our Anal Toys

Unmatched Quality

We have the best anal toys made from high quality and non-toxic material to enable them to last long and for safe usage. Thus, the specificity of the design uncovers an item that is tailored to be not only flawless but also superior.

Diversity in Design

Inclusion is part of the library collection, and therefore, clients will always find what they are looking for. Whether you are looking for introducing a new feeling, or you are looking for something with particular type of stimulation, we have the toy for you.

Designed for Pleasure

Every toy in the set is designed to stimulate the sweet zones; the prostate, and the G-spot tabs, thus making the experience mind blowing.

Discreet and Knowledgeable Support

We are devoted to ensuring that you are satisfied with the world’s best cannabis products hence providing you with superb and covert shipping along with proficient assistance concerning your queries.

Why Shop With Us

Sanity is achieved by deciding to buy our anal toys; it means buying confidence in your pleasure. Besides understanding that our products are of a higher quality and much safer to use, you will be glad to know that by choosing to shop with us you get much more opportunities in variety of anal play. That level of focus extends to every aspect of the store, including the clothing selection – carefully chosen to ensure it meets our customers’ needs and desires – and the polite, utterly unobtrusive manner in which a client is approached and assisted. Discover with us ways as to how you can open a door to a completely different level of sensual satisfaction.

Discover the world of pleasure with our anal toys, that ensure the most pleasure and a safe adventure step by step.

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