Affiliate Program FAQ

How do I become an affiliate partner?

We are looking for bloggers, influencers and reviewers who are interested in spreading the word about lovetoy! 

To become an affiliate partner, you must have a website, blog, influencer social media account, etc. from which you would like to promote our brand.

To sign up to become an affiliate, visit the signup page on our affiliate portal here:

Once you have created your account, be sure to enter in the relevant website and/or social media account information in the Settings tab Profile section.

How do
 I receive commissions for referring customers?

You will be provided with affiliate links to share on your websites or social media. When a first-time customer makes a purchase from us after clicking on your affiliate link, the customer will be attributed to you. You will receive a 5% commission on all purchases made by that customer in the first thirty days after first visiting our site via the affiliate link. The current commission payout percentage is shown in your affiliate portal.

What purchases are eligible for commissions?

All purchases from NEW customers to us made within thirty days after first visiting from your affiliate link are eligible for commissions. Purchases made by customers who have previously purchased from us are NOT eligible for commissions. 

What are affiliate coupon codes and how do the work?

You will be assigned a 5% off coupon code to offer your visitors a discount off of their first purchase from When someone visits us through your referral link, your coupon code will automatically be applied at checkout.

You may also share your coupon code directly with your visitors. If the coupon code is used at checkout by an eligible customer, you will receive a commission on that sale. Unlike with affiliate links, you will receive commission on only the new customer's first purchase if you use a coupon code directly. You will not receive commission on subsequent purchases by that customer in the first thirty days as the coupon code is only good for one use per customer.

What are the restrictions on affiliate coupon codes?

Coupon codes are restricted to one use per customer and only new customers to buylovetoy are eligible to receive the discount.

Coupon codes may only be shared on the affiliates owned and operated websites and social media pages. They may not be shared on public forums, discussion groups, coupon sites, etc.

What are affiliate referral links and how do they work?

Affiliate referral links are links to our website that contain special tracking information to inform our site that the visitor was referred by the affiliate. When a visitor comes to buylovetoy' site via a referral link, a tracking cookie is created and the visitor is associated to the affiliate. If the visitor is a first-time customer to buylovetoy, all purchases made within the first thirty days of the click on the affiliate link will be attributed to the affiliate and eligible for commission.

Each affiliate will be assigned an affiliate URL linking to the our homepage. Additionally, there is a tool in the affiliate portal allowing each affiliate to generate links to specific products and collections.

Note that the affiliate's coupon code is AUTOMATICALLY APPLIED at checkout when a visitor arrives at the site via an affiliate link, assuming the visitor is eligible for the discount as described above.

Why would I want to use affiliate referral links instead of just coupon codes?

It is preferred that affiliates use referral links versus just sharing their coupon code. The affiliate link provides more advanced tracking abilities than simple coupon codes, and our system tracks first thirty day purchases for visitors referred by referral links. 

How do I generate an affiliate link to a specific product or collection?

The product links section in the marketing tools page in the affiliate portal provides a tool for generating affiliate links to specific product or collection pages on our site:

Do you have logos/images that I can use when promoting lovetoy?

We have shared a collection of media assets that you may use that may be downloaded from the affiliate portal at:

When and how do I get paid?

Currently we offer three options for payment: Venmo, PayPal, or a Store Discount Coupon. You may configure your payment preferences in the Payment Settings section here:

Commission invoices will be generated automatically.  Payment release is Net 15 from date of invoice. We have a minimum payout of $10 meaning we will not pay out commission for an affiliate in a given month if they have not accumulated more than $10 in commission. If you have a balance less than $10, it will be rolled forward into the next month and you will be paid when the balance exceeds $10.

Note that if you opt to be paid via Store Discount Coupons, we will pay with coupon codes that may be applied towards purchases from buylovetoy. Store Discount Coupons payments will receive a 1.5x multiple on commission. Therefore, if you earned $10 in commission, but choose to receive payment in Store Discount Coupons, you will receive a Coupon Code for $15 off a purchase from us.